Three Years From Now

body of water between green leaf trees

Three years from today?

Three years from may day

Imminent crash comes

As I thrash and sum

Life’s not adding up

I need to ante-up

But I am all in

I am still falling

Failing, flailing, frail

My youth’s setting sail

My future window

Close to a win though

Hope, pray, it plays out

Make coffee more stout

The window’s dirty

My sight’s not worthy

Is the light a trick?

Does the light come quick?

Light in the tunnel

But train of trouble

Three years from today

I will be okay

The window is smudged

Boulder will not budge

But I’m still rolling

Midnight hour tolling

Work for a living

Something is giving

The future’s brighter

Plight of a writer.

What does your life look like three years from now?

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