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A Kid At Heart

toddler holding camera

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A kid at heart

I bid to impart

A part of wisdom

Though on my way to wizened

I have not yet aged

Not yet reached the stage

To say I’m not a child

I’m not young and wild

But I’m still that kid

No longer from tragedy hid

But I push to stay pure

Glacier clarity, sure

I can’t say I’m without impurity

I can’t say I’m without maturity

But I’ll say with surity

The world’s still got an allure to me

My eye’s curious like George

Everyday is a new path forged

Robinson Crusoe in life

On an island with my wife

I still call Dad for direction

I still call Mom for clarity and correction

Though I’ve aged

My mind’s not caged by age

I keep my feelings hid,

But I’m still a kid

Do you relate? Do you still feel like a kid? How so?

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