Financial Teeter

person counting cash money
Daily writing prompt
What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

I’m on the precipice

I don’t want to see the rest of this

I don’t want to see

How this end will be

Financial ruin

Substantial dues in

Bankruptcy an option

That we’d rather not opt into

But the bills are coming faster

Uncle Sam is getting fatter

The bill for electricity

Will be the death of me

What would happen

If all this collapses in

What if we lost everything

It haunts me with every phone ring

Are they calling to collect?

Are they hauling off the car yet?

The cards are declining

And the children are whining

No groceries this week

When will the cost of everything peak?

Climbing with no end in sight

I’ve lost my will to fight

I take the punches on the chin

And waiting to see what’s left at the end

Trying to sell my plasma

I’m on the last of my

Options, but my health issues

Are too severe, this is too


I’m over waiting

For my paychecks to reflect

Overtime that’s left my body a wreck

What if I lost my possessions?

If I may profess this

I’ve lost my desire to care

I’m almost already there

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