Out of Place

Daily writing prompt
Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

What’s this brooding fear?

Do I belong here?

I, an author too

Or do I play true?

I feel a fake, fraud

But I feel at odds

I’m earning my place

I’m keeping my pace

But astride the greats

My stumbling, strange gait

Does my work inspire?

Does it stoke a fire?

Sometimes the words fail

Sometimes the work’s stale

The words too easy

The feel is sleezy

Are my works better?

Write the right letters?

Write right as rain rhymes

How many more times

Can I write these lines

I’m reading the signs

I’m introspective

Is it reflexive

To write pop topics

Daily hot top picks

Is what’s on my mind

Worthy of your time?

I struggle to keep pace

I feel out of place

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