Letters of Admiration: @trevcimenski

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textile


You were the first to convince me

That posting poetry

Was like growing a tree

A little water, a little sun

A little nurturing and soon

The branches reach skyward

The roots deep and wayward

The way you planted the seed

That maybe I need

To hone my craft, my tone

Poetry a wet stone

Wet behind the ears

But years of toil and tears

And my tree is growing

Slowly showing

A leaf here, a branch there

But the branching thought that led me here

Was planted by you

Your work, your words rang true

So much soul, so much emotion

So much toil and devotion

Your heart a beautiful cocophany

To spark a start to a dutiful calling for me

That you have cemented in me

Thank you @travcimenski

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