The Trait I Value In Me

Daily writing prompt
What’s the trait you value most about yourself?

Despite the fight I’ve fought

I’ve still got fight despite being frought

With stress and messes

I’ll address this

I do not quit

I’ll not idly sit

And let life pass me by

Why let my dreams die

I’ve seen the death of dreams

The scheming seeming

To die in Dad’s eyes

Crying hidden in lies

It’s not just my dream

I’m on the losing team

The Chicago Cubs of hustle

But even the Cubs eventually bustled

and won the World Series

But if I may get serious

I carry these hopes for Dad

For me, I’ve had

to choose between work and my goals

I’ve worked my shoes to the soles

Sore and swole

It took it’s toll

But I’ve still got that light

That fight despite

The hardships and trials

I bottle my valor in vials

One day my dad and my dreams will be

My tenacity is the trait I value in me

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