Best Advice: Don’t Say Can’t

brown paper with handwritten text
Daily writing prompt
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

When I was nine

I was omitted a word of mine

My teacher said

This word is laid to bed

“Can’t is a bad word”

And that’s the last we heard

I tried saying it a couple times

But was told I was out of line

“No, no, no,” said she

“‘Can’t’ will not be said by you or me.”

I struggled to comprehended

To apprehend

an understanding

As she understood

How could or would

One eschew or should

I omit a word from my verbs

It seems a bit absurd

But I have taken to heart

To heed, to part

With “can’t” and I can say

It has been okay

My perspective differently arranged

My outlook forever changed

When you are unable

To enable your disabling

Behavior, You must take the helm

You grow, and outgrow what overwhelms.

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