What Give Me Energy: Part Two

photo of family having fun with soccer ball
Daily writing prompt
What things give you energy?

My first response was a joke, a jive

What gives energy, makes me feel alive?

It is the look in my daughter’s eyes

It’s the smile my son cannot hide

When my wife holds my hand

Because it’s there and she can

The electricity of her lips

It’s my hands on her hips

When the words in a poem I write

Fit together, snug and tight

Waking in time to see the sunrise

And watching it fall like low tides

When the air smells of wet stone

But the rain has not yet shone

When the tempest storm rages

Like feral animals in cages

Safe, yet savage

Rage and ravage

When someone comments “I relate”

Energy percolates, proliferates

When you share and like

My endorphins spike

These things give energy, make me feel alive

These are the things that give me life.

2 responses to “What Give Me Energy: Part Two”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Great words… and see it’s NOT really the things that give us energy as much as the feelings and the actions that we do that result in the extra energy. Great work! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

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