Life Without Music

person doing tricks on cassette tape
Daily writing prompt
What would your life be like without music?

What is life without music?

It’s like writing without muses

It would lack inspiration

Lack motivation

Hesitation to create

Meditation couldn’t sate

Music is art audibly personified

Automatically bonified

To inspire, light a fire

Rewire, take you higher

Even bad music creates drive

Drive to listen to something that jives

Lives impacted every second

Music of every selection

Auto mood correction

Election with correlation

To improving a mood

Lift your attitude

Or make one feel less alone

Make someone feel at home

Memories flood in relation

To that song you had on repeat on vacation

It’s a muse that lights a fuse

That refuses to lose

It’s impact

In fact

With years it’s magic grows

It shows and you know

That when things feel wrong

You put on that song

And life is made momentarily right

Motivation to press on in your plight

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