How Do I Celebrate Holidays?

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Daily writing prompt
How do you celebrate holidays?

My answer is strange

My childhood differently arranged

I grew up Jehovah’s Witness

And Morman, not a perfect fit this

arrangement, but Mom and Dad

Made it work, though not iron clad

My parents did celebrate holidays

But in some ways

The undercurrent had a strange pull

Dad had no desire, no goal

To convert us to Jehovah

But I revert to know the

Basics, One of which, holidays

Are hollow days

Empty meaning, though teeming with meaning

What I mean is being void of deeming

appropriate to celebrate

Appropriation since an early date

I celebrate the Fourth of July

And yet I have reasons why

I can’t celebrate Easter

But I see first

Through a lens of skepticism

Pessimism at the realism

Realization that the real reasons

We celebrate are reasonably treasonous

What are the origins?

Google the answers and they pour in

Christmas originally celebrated

The Pagan sun god, Helios, now elevated

As I said, assimilation by appropriation

An appropriate approximation

Of a declaration that they are not what they seem

Holidays are not what they seem, I mean

Even at face value

The meanings are devalued

devolved by commercialism

Immersion in them

But without gifts

Some holidays seem ridiculous

But why do I need to buy to please us

If the day were about the birth of Jesus

Why does the ressurrection

Need Easter eggs, correction,

It doesn’t

It musnt

Be confused

I refuse

To believe that eggs symbolize new life

I believe the Jehovah Witnesses’ plight

That brings to light

That fertility gods’ rites

Celebrating rituals as festivities

Naivety at the nativity

I don’t intend blashphomy

It’s just the past for me

It’s true, I do celebrate

I just try to relegate

The messages my children receive

I don’t want them deceieved

See the world with open eyes

Study history and mankind’s guise

I do celebrate holidays

But in my own ways.

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