Letters of Admiration: Alex Snow

landscape photography of snow pathway between trees during winter

Dear Alex Snow,

I think you should know

Your words are power

Water to flowers

Hydration to hydrangias

Danger to the dangerous

I’m a stranger, one who admires

Your work that so inspires

I’ve been on a trend

Of hitting send

On letters of admiration

On works of creation

I’m a bit weird, I admit

But I want to submit

I think you should know

Your words have a glow

An aura, a shine

And I feel so inclined

To tell you thank you

Keep writing through

Any hardships, trials,

Struggles, or wiles

I see in you

Potential from the blue

The great yonder

The sky’s to ponder

At how far you’ll go

Because I see, and I know.

Keep writing, inspiring, you are a star

I see it in you, you’ll go far.

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