Dear Celia

unrecognizable woman standing on shore with rainbow

Dear Celia,

Pleasure to meet ya

I admire how you inspire

How you capture a fire

A spark of creativity

Flammable sensitivity

Hints of impulsivity

Your words hit true to me

Another life, another perspective

Another heart, introspective

I don’t intend to offend

I just want to extend

A distant hello

From a distance echoed

I’m sure, by men, women, others

But if I may add another

From one fellow artist to speak true

Your words are not lost, I hear you.

This is not a romantic gesture

I don’t want to pester

I just want to pass it on

I’d be remiss if I didn’t don

My words, wear them enshroud

Wear them out proud

I know you know it too

But others hear you

If I may enlighten

Brighten, let light in

Keep fighting

Keep writing

Your work is beautiful

Your imagery plentiful

Your words hit true

Keep inspiring, we hear you

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