A Life Lesson I Wish I Knew

Daily writing prompt
Share a lesson you wish you had learned earlier in life.

There are so many lessons

I’ve learned, lived, and impressed in

Internalized, enternalized

That I had to see through my eyes

I was hardheaded, true

But unless I lived it I had no clue

I listened to leading life coaches

I witnessed others broach this

What would you teach

If you could reach

Past you to pass through

Here is what I wish I knew:

Put all your trust in your wife

There’s a reason you promised life

There’s treason in your garden

Poison that hurts and hardens

Your soul

It’ll take its toll

You are out of control

Her punches are pulled

She doesn’t know how to reach you

You need a proffesional to teach you

If I could teach my past self

Don’t put your wife on a shelf

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