What Makes Relationships Work?

two gold colored wedding bands on book page

On this step I sit

Assess bit by bit

What makes love work?

What’s the perk?

Percolating patience

Postponed bring pain hence

Love is patient, love is kind

All is fair, when love is blind

But so many in love go out of mind

After vows said, documents signed

It’s a sign of the times

When divorces are decreed on a dime

I’ll chime in with a dime if I may give my two cents

The world has evolved since

Men and women have equal rights

So now women will fight with their might for what is right

Share the bills, share the chores

But some divide what’s mine and yours

How can you love and live together

When all that binds can never be severed?

Tie the knot, but never share the lot?

Ought you not question what’s brought?

Brought to the table, what’s stable or disabled?

But are you able to live in love if always enabled?

How do you grow?

Grow together, grow apart, grow and glow

You shine when you both grow as one

Support each other once one and done

Won when the fun is done and gone

I don’t understand why when things are hard people pawn

Pawn the problems, pawn the pain

pawn the lawn when divorce is drawn

My partner is my soul mate

Call me old fashioned or out of date

But I feel elated when I share my joy and pain

Because rain and pain should not be abstained

Rain is what growth craves

So I will not stave

To stay the same

I’ve been sane and insane

But still they claim me

Their partner, their love, they tame me

We are seperate, but the same

When we decide, we do so together with the aim

That we both benefit

We’ll never see the end of it

To them I pledge my soul

They are my heart that makes me whole

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