She Still Cries

lady crying with hand on mouth in room

She stands poised and strong

She is singing songs

When in the shower,

Car, sing along hour

She raises her child

Causing no waves, sidles

In and out of fights

Bull crap holds no light

To demons she fights

Survive out of spite

A flame flickering

Damn the bickering

Voice horse from shouting

Mute anger mounting

Her words are unheard

Tears at the absurd

Tears for unfairness

Tears, no one hears this

Silent plea for help

Echoed and unfelt

The words were once hers

Now memory blurs

Curs cursing the cure

Words wasted and were

Lost in the echo

She still can’t let go

Nor should she have to

Others aches half true

Only she truly

Mourns truly cruelty

Injustice of life

But she fights the strife

She sees through life’s lies

At night she still cries

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