Where To Find Inspiration

Sunrise Before Ares Rocket Parachute Test (NASA, 3/4/09)

Poetic inspiration

is in persperiation

In the life spent living

It’s in the smile you’re giving

It’s in the smile of a child

Unconditional and mild

Milk, given to a babe

That a mother has made

The maternal bond

It’s in a late night yawn

Earned spinning yarns

It’s in the fields and barns

Toiling and slaving

Inspiration is in maiden saving

Saving her from a nine to five

It’s in every day life

Inspiration is in every sound

Inspiration is all around

You don’t need to be blessed

You don’t need to be the best

Just look to your left

Look right and let

Your eyes land on one thing

Stick that idea and to it cling

How can you see it anew?

Study and stew

Inspiration is in all things

Wipe all presumptions clean

View the world with fresh sight

View everything in a new light.

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