Slim Hyde

woman holding newspaper while burning

I drank my weight

Gained it, now twice the man

I didn’t go straight until almost too late

Sometimes I felt like Stan

Marshall Mathers my favorite poet

Connor Price a close second

I didn’t know it, but the seeds he sowed sit. To him I owe it

Death called and beckoned

Tonight I’m alright

But skip a dose

And I’m out of sight, high as a kite or anger enough to fright

The psych ward close

To being called

But enough control

To stall

I wish my mind would let me parole

Be free from these shackles

Like Robin Williams, Genie

Tackle the Jackal, raised hackles

The alcohol wouldn’t leave me, a meanie

Eanie meanie minny moe,

What personality will today show?

Will I go, glow, or blow?

Mental undertow

Won’t let me go

I’m a victim of the current

Current mental state

Current assurance

Of no reoccurrence of feeling irrate

Let me set the record straight

I’ve turned a new page

A blank slate

From rage to sage

Or sage enough to say

I’m better today

Because on this Earth I stayed

Yesterday made me sway

So I’m now grounded

Lightning rod

I’m astounded

Shocked and awed

Rocked and flawed

Pocked and scarred

Will you be appalled at all

When I rise to become a star?

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