This Grudge I Hold

Daily writing prompt
Are you holding a grudge? About?

I try to not trudge

On other’s toes

But I’ll hold a grudge

For as long as one knows

That they’ve done me wrong

I know it’s a weakness

But I can’t be strong

I try to seize this

Opportunity to grow

But how can I let go

When I’ve been wronged and they know?

I don’t mean to stew and stow

Store these grudges

But I abhor it more

My name’s been smudged

Soiled and sore

Bruised and bashed

When my name has been

Drug through the trash

When the aim’s to offend

I try to take it off hand

And not let their curses in

But how can I stand

To be the bigger person?

I don’t let my grievances

determine how I treat someone

I can be respectful and hold grudges in

But I’ll not be their source for hateful fun

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