Left Bereft By Booze

silhouette of a man leaning and resting his head against the wall under a lantern at night

I wake and the world tilts

I look at the time and I wilt

I should have been at work an hour ago

Anger rising, poisonous and soured so

They were supposed to wake me

My personal person alarm to shake me

I yell their name

Tempest tirade I tame

The retort is ringing silence

I resort to stinging violence

My hands to fists

I stand and resist

To punch the wall

And as I stand I stall.

I call their name again




As uncomfortable as this poem without rhyme

So is the quiet omen that’s plaguing my mind

What happened last night?

I think we might have had a fight

But the mental fog fights insight

I try to bring light with all my might

But I’m blank.

Blank. Blank. To be frank

I’m getting angry once more

I bet they went to the store

They know better to leave home

Because I won’t wake on my own

I grab my phone and call

There’s no text, message, I.M. or call at all.

I get dressed and ready for work

I could call in, but my boss would go berserk

As I dress I’m addressed with a question

Where are their clothes that were left in

The closet that saw fit

To fit the little bit

She had. Now gone

I look. Suitcase is gone

Children, gone

Money stash, gone

Gone. All gone. Gone away. Gone wrong

Gone awry. She’s been gone too long.

I go to work. I come home.

Work some more. Still I’m home alone

The truth is evident

I guess what they said was relevant.

The liquor doesn’t sting the way

It stings that they didn’t stay.

I should have listened

I should have enlisted

In their campaign

That I thought a pain, to complain

But now I see plain I should have abstained

My heart forever stained and pained

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