First Food Bank Day

delicious juicy pears

Today is my first day at a food bank

The first time I’ve had to ask for help

The first time in a long time I’ve had to rely on others

I haven’t trusted my life to others

Since the world broke my heart

My trust to dust

My friendships I’ve left to rust

Today I had to admit defeat

I can no longer retreat

To the safety of my home

Because my home’s in danger of foreclosure

That’s not a metaphor

I’m screwed and scared

I’ve never dared think I’d fall this far

Down a well of issues and emotions

The walls too slick and I can’t climb out

Two more years

Two more years and I’ll have a one loan paid off

Maybe a few hundred dollars freed will help the dominos fall

Maybe it won’t make a difference at all

But I can’t see past today

And today I had to rely on people for help

And to me that’s the scariest thing of all

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