How I Found Myself: My Answer to Self Discovery

silhouette of woman photographer using camera at night

If you have found yourself here

You may be lost, seeking to be found

If I may be so clear

What I have found may astound:

Go live your life

Don’t live for your parents

Don’t live by someone’s benediction

Don’t live just to pay rent

Just live with conviction

Go live your life

If you have ever wondered

If you’ve ever been curious

If you’ve wanted to live a life asunder

If you’ve waited for your call, here it is

Go live your life

Apply to that job you’ve been interested in

Apply for that college, that university

Apply your money where smart, TRUSTWORTHY people invest in

Apply for that degree, put yourself first please, and

Go live your life

If you are still stumped where to start

If your situation’s fickle, I’ve been there too

If you’ve no room to part

I have more of an answer than to…

Go live your life

Go read books, lots of books

Audio books, paper books, e-books

On break, during commute, don’t mind the looks

You see, you can, through books,

Go live your life

Nonfiction for learning

Fiction for self discovery and adventure

Through growth you’ll grow your earnings and yearning

and when adventure beckon calls you may venture to

Go live your life

You may think it sounds selfish

And it is, but wait, a question. Trivia!

How can you give of yourself, selfless,

Unless you know what of yourself to give? Ya?

Go live your life

Books, courage, and a little selfless selfishness

If you need a friend, I’ll be here to stay

I can’t write everyday, but you are number one on my list

Go on, now. For you I’ll cheer, hope, and pray

Go live your life

If you hate reading books, but are interested in consuming stories, read my short post “I Hated Reading: How Reading Changed My Life”.

What advice do you have for someone trying to find themselves? Please share in the comments section!

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