Sick of You

woman lying on bed while blowing her nose

What do you say when

You’re out of words?

As we were back then

Devoutly absurd

We’re different now

The years have aged us

I do not see how

The hate still plagues us

Verbal wrestling

Struggled spat sparring

Can’t we rest in peace?

Snuggled soft sobbing

Tears from dirty fights

Brandished words like knives

Avoid thrity nights

Rather thirty lives

I can’t stand the hate

Hate you eminate

If I’d choose the date

I’d eliminate

You yesterday, yes

I can’t stand the way

You blast the day yet

It’s us whom must pay

Tolls taken in tears

Paying transgressions

From fights of past years

Misplaced aggression

Place knives to my spine

Stab me in the back

You take what is mine

Then evidence lacks?

Pleasant to my face

Lies and loathing behind

I want worlds of space

Out of sight and mind

Put you in your place

I’m weak to abstain

I’m ill not with flu

I’m weak to refrain

I am sick of you

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