Paint The Town Black

black and gold face paint

Fame and money don’t

Get my goat they won’t

Satisfy my wants

If I may be blunt

I just want the facts

I’ll paint the town black

I’ll pass on red paint

My works not for faint

Of heart now depart

I’m me from the start

I wear a mask to hide

Yet bare what’s inside

I am no devil

But yet a rebel

Pass on the red bull

Monsters inside pull

Medication hides

My demons inside

I do not want fame

I am too untame

But still want my name

As history’s blame

For the rebellion

Of heathens, hellions

Of saints and sinners

Losers and winners

I want to upend

Status quo and send

The freaks, geeks, and norms

A message, there’s storms

On the horizon

My chaos ties-in

I want families

Strong like Hercules

Neighbors to smile, greet

Whom meet in the streets

I want Mayberry’s

Spirit every where

I want those trodden

To find their voice in

Themselves or myself

Spread the countries wealth

To fix nothing less

Societies mess

Unspoken today

Rise up, stand and say

“I want the world back”

I’ll paint the town black

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