I Don’t Want To Be Special

unrecognizable diver swimming underwater

I don’t want to be special

I don’t want to be gifted

I don’t want to be an intellectual

I’ve pondered and sifted

Sieved through my thoughts

Introspection gritted

I look back on when the lie was bought

There I sit in Gen Ed

In Kindergarten I’m told

I can be president, an astronaught,

Anything I want, I was sold

It was learned, it was taught

The truth is I can’t be whatever I want

Because I never learned, you see,

If I may be so blunt,

What does it mean to be me?

I don’t want to be special

I don’t want an award

I want to be especially me

I just want a life I can afford

No one ever showed me

How to be myself

If I may come clean

I had to teach myself

For some it comes natural

For me not so much

If I were asked to act casual

I’d blend in as such

I can’t be whatever I dream

Because some things just are not me

I can only sing to the shower steam

outerspace is out of the question, I can’t see

My glasses needed for correction

I can’t be a politician

I can’t imagine running for election

Because I’m honest to a fault, my own lie detection

I wanted to be a scientist as a child

I found that I like testing hypotheses

But it’s philosophy about which I’m wild

I’m down with Sophacles

Now I test my theories

Pen and paper my tools

I love the inquiries

“Do you think your cool?”

It took me decades to find the truth

No, you see, I’m not special

I need no justification or proof

I just like to be, especially me.

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