I Hated Reading: How Reading Changed My Life

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Hello All,

My name is Lord Bugg. I am an author and content creator, among other things. This post is about how my hatred for reading turned into a lifelong passion.

I was always taught that reading was something I had to do. I had to pick from a shelf in my teacher’s room, I had to read it several times, then I had to take a test on it. This extended from first grade on to my junior year of high school when a seed was planted in the manure of long forgotten books forced upon me.

Dracula. Oh. My. God. Dracula. I love that book and junior year is where it found me. That would have been the last interaction I had with a good book until I met my, now, wife, Lady Bugg. She is a book worm, always has been. She introduced me to a few books and authors, namely, her favorite, Stephen King.

I enjoyed many of his books and found through that book and several others, that I hated reading because I was never introduced to my favorite genres. I love dystopian, EMP survival, thriller, dark-thriller, fantasy, dark-fantasy, lit RPG, and sci-fi anything books. I don’t blame the education system. You can’t give a twelve year old boy a book about an EMP ahead of an invading army and expect there not to be letters from the parents. But from there I still had an issue, I struggle with reading.

I understand now that I have slight dyslexia and that I struggle with visual learning and reading comprehension, but my ability to learn through spoken words is phenomenal. That’s when I made a switch.

Audiobooks have changed my life. I absolutely love reading now. Some will argue that audiobooks do not constitute reading. I don’t care what they think. Dogs, please howl in the comment section. I care about the story that I ingest. The sustanance that has nurtured a lifelong love of storycraft and creating worlds.

From here I give my parting words on this topic. Read. Read to your hearts content. If you do not like to read, try audiobooks. I got started by looking up “audiobooks” on Youtube.com and through there found free readings by LibriVox which largely deals with books past their copyright protection. This is how I fell in love with “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, which I strongly recommend you look into first.

I have since upgraded and have a bolstering library on Audible.com. If you click the image below it will take you to my affiliate link. If you purchase anything through that link it will give me a small commission, allowing me to produce more content. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Lord Bugg

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