Defintion of Respect

group of diverse young people with different appearances

What is respect?

The question posed

by a stranger, except

the answer evades and erodes

Chipping away at my mind

“Respect is doing what you are told”

I say, but alas my answer is blind

Because, “That’s what I tell my four year old.”

She says, “That is obedience, not respect.

Be careful to not confuse the two.”

After hours of introspection

I ask my wife her view

“Respect is treating people

like you want to be treated.”

Answered true, but still a deep hold

grasping on my mind, not retreating

I resign to ask Google this basic question

What I find redefines my perspective

Here a new quest begins where a quest ends

Respect is:

“Due regard for the feelings,

wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”

This redefines all my dealings

Strangers, uncles, aunts, brothers

Respect is reacting in aknowledgement

To the differences in our lives

Where has this knowledge went?

With this I shall devise

Revise my answers when asked rudely

Redefine my positions

And treat others duly

I’ll give my propositions

My proposals and opinions

Because respect does not mean

Being a door mat in the end

Endow my children, bolster their esteem

I’ll teach them to be respect super stars

Mind others differences in your team

Love others as they are

That is what respect means

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