Ghost Light

Pond, Brickfield's Farm

As I walk through the muck and the mire

I can’t help but admire the fire

The ghost lights, bubbling

Buoyant, brilliant, subtlety

A beautiful reaction of nature

A natural attraction of the unnatural

Unusual, unreal, ethereal

Ascending as though spiritual

In a place of bugs and mud

Where heat swelters and banks flood

Darkened by widow makers, corpse canopies

It reminds me of thee

In the darkest of places

Swampiest of spaces

Cubicles and corporate fires

A stand in for muck and mire

And you the spontaneous light

You illuminate the night

Gravitating gazes in awe

Across faces wonderment drawn

picturesque in your perfection

Ethereal in our connection

Your spirit a quirky flame

Flash formed and famed

Your spite fueled fiery fight

You are grandiose ghost lights

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