Questions Poised By Insomnia

woman sitting on white bed

My fingers dance and leap

Piroit and poise over these keys

I’m eluded by sleep

By thoughts such as these:

Where has the time gone?

Why has all this come to pass?

When will my dark become dawn?

Why will nothing last?

Why is being an adult so hard?

Why does my desire broil and flame?

Why has burnout left me so charred?

When can’t we treat each other the same?

When did the world go to shit?

Where are all the good people hid?

When will pass the need to take a hit?

Who will bite and bid?

They raise the stakes

I raise a white flag

They race to break

Every trace of everything I had

Why are they so cruel?

Why must we duel?

Why can’t we school

each other? knowledge pool.

Converse, reverse, at first, terse

You first, then my verse

No versus, just converse

Your shoes for my converses

Walk around in them

Tread without sound

A thousand leagues to the dark and dim

Make a noise and it’s going down

Down in the deep

Where you can’t clambor and climb

The sides are too steep

These eggshells are mines

Opportunists to blow

Poker with emotions

Don’t let your hand show

Or ensue commotion

Shrapnel in their words

Careless, wreckless, indirectness

Silent screams unheard

Verbal carnage, can’t deflect this

Why can’t we show kindness?

Why do they fight and shove?

Why do we elect for blindness?

Where is the love?

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