Slim Shady VS President Trump: Round 2

anonymous fighters bumping fists before boxing

On one hand Mathers is right

The Ex President caused many a fight

He caused hate to spread

Bled the country and we saw red

But on the other hand

Shady had dark plans

Turn the world on its head

Take girls to bed

Wed or unwed

Anger spoon fed

Affecting Eric and Erica

“Middle class America,

Now it’s a tragedy”

A total travesty

You can’t piss on the flag

Then support while calling it a soggy rag

Writing lyrics in labs

That diss on the fabulous fabs

He called them fags

Coroners unzip body bags

And on the tags read

“Killed by Slim lyrics indeed”

I support Marshall Mathers

On this meticulous matter

But you can’t write songs

About smoking bongs

Lighting bombs

Flinging thongs

Lyrics that shock and awe

Eric’s staring in the monsters maw

Taking notes to denote

Tote words anger wrote

And emote that you’re distraught

That the country rebelled and fought

When you yourself

Put songs on shelves

That turned kids against parents

Kids copied your appearance

Adherence to defiance

Left lacking alliance

When they found

No one was around

Having pushed family away

Choosing to stay at bay

Adulthoods built

On foundations of guilt

A country divided

But mind you also guided

A class of your own

Teacher, I want it known

That I’m a fan

Like Stan I stand

In your stands

Stadium jammed

But you can’t divide the country

Then be mad when another divides it in three

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