Slim Shady VS President Trump

american flag with rolled dollar bills

Marshall Mathers has a point

Trump wore the crown we did anoint

Rallies over hills and valleys

Allies in alleys

The main streets full to burst

As he sings the verses he rehearsed

Terse and cursed, lips pursed

Anger agitated and nursed

Rebellions take rise

Devised to divide

Words like flies in our eyes

Blinded by an instigated guise

The lies disguised

New rules applied

Fuel for the fire supplied

Utopia to rise, a sublime design

But the promises are barren

False truths coveted by Karens

Racism, Facism, classism

On trial but still blasting them

The wool over our eyes true to form

They match those of Nazi uniforms

I nary dare to compare

Trump to Nazi’s ensnared

But they were people too

Praying earnestly under steeples true

Men and women fooled by the facade

Creating atrocities in the name of God

And when the Neo regimen

Is eager to vote him in

And spread their sermons with his gospel

Black, Asian, Trans put in hospitals

Because the hate they generate

Will desecrate and desimate

The American dream

The one he sells, it would seem

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