My American Horror Show

people in concert

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen

Open the gates and let ’em in

Welcome to the wonders

Natures natural blunder

A geek, a freak

No filter to speak

No peak, don’t peek

No start, no streak

The ride won’t stop

At the tip top

Because I’m still on the rise

You can despise and reap lies

Everyone tries and applies

Ways devised to see dreams die

I’m black, I’m bleek

I’m frank, a freak

Fight violence with violins

Verbal orchestra, file in

The show is to start

The star, a scab, a scar

A wound festered by society

Pestered by piety

Depraved propriety

Deranged noteriety

The shows is to start

The curtains to part

Huddle in snug

Welcome to the stage, Lord Bugg

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