Unholy Holy Spirit

a pastor removing the cover of a communion tray

Today I faced the devil in the form of communion

Maybe it was with God in collusion

Could he be testing me like he did Job?

This sin handed to me by this man in robes?

I grab a wafer and pass the plate

The stranger next to me waits

His eyes, do they judge?

Or give an encouraging nudge?

The stranger grabs two tiny cups and passes the rest

Devil’s temptation handed to me again in test

I smile and shake my head

“Thanks friend, but I’ll stick with the bread.”

He insists, saying “It’s the blood of the Holy Spirit.

You can’t refuse this fine wine spirit.”

I say “No thank you, but thanks.”

I sit back and that’s when I think

I think I see

All eyes on me

From the judging flock

Somewhere off, cries the crowing cock

The stranger still holds out the wine

Communion of the divine

Do I drink or rebel?

Today I faced the devil

All I needed was one taste

Now to the liquor store, I make haste.

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