Bright Eyes, Baby Worlds

Dark, deep, dangerous

Feel adventurous

Your eyes luminous

Counting lumens lit

I want to explore

I cave and crave more

Rich mahogony

My monogamy

My matrimony

My testimony

I swear to tell true

All my love to you

I’m lost in your gaze

I get lost for days

Lonely I replay

Convos like relays

I run back the track

Unpack and repack

Does she love me not?

She loves me a lot?

I’d gamble the lot

Fold cards on the spot

If she asked me to

My heart’s black and blue

From living alone

Even when I’m home

But now you text me

And my heart’s set free

Allow me to be

The me no one sees

You see through the trees

Through words to my needs

Tree rings inside pearls

Bright eyes, baby worlds

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