Why Are You Still Here?

Couple in love

When the going gets tough

People leave

I’m not enough for their rebuff

I’m left to bereave

The children are wild

The pets are pests

Everyone asks for another child

The house is a mess

The fence is falling in

The ceiling is leaking

Works always calling me in

I wouldn’t blame you for sneaking

I open up to you

I tell you my concerns

You feel the same too

We both tend to tender burns

We both fear Tinder benders

Though we’ve never cheated

Never sought relationship enders

We feel so defeated

We feel we don’t deserve love

We feel like it’s our fault

It’s just when push comes to shove

People’s default is to halt

Stop trying, stop caring, stop pushing, stop shoving

I want to be crystal clear

To you I’ll never stop loving

But why are you still here?

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