Why I Mask

Everyday I mask

No matter the task

At work, with family

I wear it amicably

You don’t have to mask with me

You can allow me to see

The person you are

All the sights and scars

But I’ll wear mine, if all is the same

To avoid familial blame

You see, I’m untame

Insane, the family’s shame

But I KISS my imperfections

And show only selections

God forbid and God I pray

I sometime soon see the day

My tuition of intuition

Comes to fruition

And I capture the world’s emotions

And set to motion

A career

In which I clear

The road for my writing

For my kids and wifey

I can’t handle the attention

Even with the best of intentions

But I still want to write

To set the record right

For the misfits and mentally ill

Through pills and quills

I spill this ink

To make you think

But my mask I must wear

Because I care to share.

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