To What Lengths Would You Protect?

closeup photography of white gate with brass colored padlock

I toe the line

Of decline and fine

But I’m not fine

The more that binds I find

I’m not okay

It didn’t start today

My pains are symptoms

Of broken systems

Broken hearts and trust

All that’s gold to dust

But with what strengths

And to what lengths

Would you go to protect

Your kids from detecting

The mere millimeters

You deter the master meter

From disaster

Coming faster

You work and slave

To stop and stave

The crops from crumbling

Sowed seeds leave you hobbled and humbling

Stumbling, fumbling the drama theme

I need some Dramamine

To stem the nauseau

What happened to cause the

Disaster I court

My plans to port

My dreams have set sail

And I need bail

I’m shackled to my broken dreams

I hear the cackles through my silent screams

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