Somebody’s Daughter

Trigger warning: This poem is about drug addiction.

A woman walks the street

Her clothes are dirty

There’s no shoes on her feet

A man walks by and she slurs something flirty

She’s smoking crack at the crack of dawn

She hasn’t had a job

Since she slept on her boss’s lawn

It’s hard to see more than a slob

But what was she before?

She was once a little girl

That dreamed of horses galore

And wearing diamonds and pearls

She was supposed to be President

Now she’s facing jail time

Her court date was last week and she wasn’t present

She’s in the limelight in her prime

But only in her head

She dances to the music there

stumbling in her treads

Hands in the air

Reality hurts too much

Her life has been led to slaughter

Now she clings to her crutch

But she’s still somebody’s daughter.

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