Not Another Sorry: A Poem for Victims of Addiction

I want to tell you, I’m sorry

But I’ve said sorry too many times

I know that wince of worry

I see that look of resign

You are low on patience

Low on hope

High on pain since

I’m at the end of my rope

And I won’t stop making a noose

I won’t stop digging this hole

This is not the life you choose

This is the life that swallows you whole

It chooses and chews you

Spits you out

It’s nothing you do

It claims even the devout

I’ve prayed and paid

For my sins

I’ve stayed and laid

Waiting for the end

End of strife

End of withdraw

End of life

End of it all

It’s hell

It doesn’t end

I’m not doing well

I can’t call or hit send

I snap and scrap

Fight for my freedom

But crap I’m trapped

I can’t beat ’em.

The drugs the liquor

I want an out

Some way that is quicker

Quicker fix, hit, bought

I guess what I’m saying

I’m sorry, I’m full of sorrow

Tonight I’m staying

But I’ll be gone again tomorrow

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