Papa: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Never not innovating

Nurture, no one’s imitating

Knowledge no one’s emulating

He calls and everyone’s assimilating

He’s papa!

Pop up like, tada!

Taking on the bag guys

Teaching lessons because he’s wise

Sometimes a teacher, a preacher

Beseech to reach, teach

Papa has stories on stories

Stories of his days of glory

His glory lore still being stored

Every day a new adventure

Each endeavor a new venture

Censor broken

A token

Of surviving each day

Saying what he wants to say

All work, but all play

Because work and play

Go together like Oreos and Oreos

Because you can’t Oreo overload

Or maybe you can

But Papa has a plan

A little soda for the cure

Rub a little Vaseline on to be sure

Papa knows

It shows

Iron will and strength

Able or not, he’ll go to lengths

Family comes first over all

Super Papa will come, just call

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