Star Strangled Banner

close up of american flag

Trigger warning: These colors don’t run, but blood, sweat, and tears of the trampled underdogs do.

Oh say can you see

By the dawns early light

A country in it’s infancy

But perhaps at the end of its life

I don’t doomsday preach

But Sparta was titan of its time

As we lose our reach

The rich take more of mine

Corporations pay coins

While management makes billions

The working man and woman going

into poverty by the millions

Those same CEO’s

pay our politicians way

Whom make laws that see us go

Further in the hole every day

And pave the way for their riches

Whistle blowers scared of their first amendment

Because snitches get stitches

Our country needs mended

But the same people screaming about cancel culture

Are the same ones offended by my freedom

Vile vehement vultures

Take our hatred and breed them

I raise a pride flag

And you raise red flags

But you raise red flags and rebel flag

And spines slacken and sag

Because no one can see the disconnect

Except the minorities

Who’s heritage is so mangled no one can reconnect

Further beaten down by the authorities

Sworn to protect and serve

But take a pedophile politician

and see how much time they serve the perv

I’m no mathematician

But our freedom’s not adding up

I want to take pride in our nation

But the life of an addict is all but up

Because the hospital bills rise faster than inflation

There’s no health care, only sick care

I’ve sought psychological help

No one’s there

No support for those without hope

God bless that America

Isn’t worse than it is

But our fore fathers married us

A melting pot as a single US

We don’t hold a candle to North Korea

But if we are comparing the worlds best country

To the worlds worst, then see ya

Because I’m donning my mask, hiding from those hunting

For a scape goat, or a spry buck

Because fires spread when real change is enacted

Because I’d be the blame go to, that’s my luck

But please, spread my message before this poem gets redacted.

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