Aunt Shel

selective focus back view photo of three women in bikini tops and denim shorts standing together overlooking the ocean

On the cusp of adulthood

We tried to act like adults should

Strong, brave, wise, courageous

Never wrong, mature, stave the outrageous

I look back with the clarity of years passed

With the rarity of a clear past at last

I was young and in love

You were her best friend, push or shove

I was a push in a different direction

You were her guiding shove, there for correction

Both of us had pure intentions

Both of us pivotal linchpins

I was new, strange, unnaturally pecilure

You were worried I’d hurt and steal her

At the time I was offended and scared

What if my love was upended and unpaired?

I pulled her away and you drifted apart

I did so with the purest of heart

She is my love, heart, soul, guiding angel

But even as I look from every angle

I feel guilt

Differently built

I didn’t understand

I wasn’t underhanded

But God was at play

And he begged you to stay

After years of strain

Years of tears and pain

You are back together

Best friends, sisters forever

If that makes me us relatives

I think it is relative

To say

Please stay

You are a light in her life

Even through the struggle and strife

You and your husband

Are an aunt and uncle to my children

I have the faintest of notions

Of your sisterly bond and devotion

But I’m so grateful for you

Your heart true, thank you.

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