What Makes A Man A Father

father and child s hands together

What makes a man a father?

This question has me plagued and bothered

I know it’s not a contribution of seed

Congrats on doing the deed

Bringing life to the world,

But to my words I hold

Lips tight sealed

But here’s what I’ve longed to reveal

Real dads wipe baby snot with their hands

Change diapers without being demanded

Stay awake when your baby is ill

Think first about their babies health, instead of the hospital bill

Real dads work endless and hard

But never play the “I work too hard” card

Real dads do the dishes when Mom is too tired

And bite their tongue at bedtime when baby is wired

They can be manly and tough

But ready with a hug when emotions get rough

Dad’s don’t get breaks, they don’t take or belly ache

They give and take equal and are grateful for every memory they make

Tired or not, desired or not

Play baseball in an empty lot

Ballet on Tuesday

Karate the next day

Baking cookies

Even as a baking rookie

They are ready with a hug when the world is too big

Ready with a rope when kiddo cant get out of the hole they dig

Slow to anger quick to praise

It’s a future great adult, not a child they raise

Great dad’s meet in the middle

And sometimes they give more, but just a little

Dad’s make mistakes

But the biggest mistake to make

Is to not take responsiblity

To not admit when something is past their ability

Dad’s must embrace humility

And have flexibility in their mental agility

Great dads admit when they are wrong

And show healthy emotions when they can’t be strong

Apologize when you yell

Be sincere, because your child can tell

Don’t care what your buddies will say

When you discipline your child in front of them, okay?

One extreme says spankings, stony, and rigidity

The other says safe spaces and sensitivity

Don’t listen to one or the other

Just be the Dad you kiddo needs, don’t let them bother

Be strong, but show weakness

But don’t promote hiding wrong or showing meekness

You see it is a fine line

And these times fail to define

Fail to define healthy guidelines

For fathers to abide by, insight for the tough times

Don’t be the Facebook dad posting fake tiles

The dad who’s crap, but takes good pictures of fake smiles

Be the best you that you can be

And allow kiddo to see

The adult you strive to be

So maybe someday they can thrive as parents-to-be.

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