Teeter, Titter, Twitter

close up photography of smartphone icons

Rise and fall of the news media

Once the encyclopedia

The undeniable source for truth

Now a cesspool of the uncouth

The empire has fallen

Has called, now recalling

The media’s been reborn

The public’s trust is torn

The truth in the videos

The visual proof via Vimeo

Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter

Elon Musk to Tweet and titter

Unveil the cover-ups

Uncover the covert Ops

Bold lies told are getting old

No longer cold sold

Not to be garnered by the cold souled

No more the sole seller of the untold

Unfold the deception

Since social media inception

Elected officials sign their initials

The initial attempt to end the visuals

The proof told in bold

Out with the old, the cold souled

Bring truth to the people

Gospel beneath the steeple

Praise the truth

Raise the proof

Elevate and eliminate

Incriminate those that sow seeds of lies, inseminate

Once more tolerate those that mediate

The media as of late

If I may say, I’d rue the day

They take away my gateway

To the truth, told immediate

Visual proof via social media.

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