Left in Your Wake

wide road with street lights

I don’t know what to do

Or how to progress

Do I make another poem or two?

I digress

I feel too small in these shoes

Like my maturity has regressed

I have tough choices to choose

These thoughts I can repress

But my children are your nephew and neices too

Questions flood memories that I’ve recessed

I have questions too

I must confess

Where did you go to?

What convinced you, profess

Why did you leave me, tell me true

Would you confess to her?

Your sister, whose heart is black and blue?

I wish I’d moved past the professors

I wish I had a clue to what you would do

I would have stayed in college, studied, become a pro-tester

Become a psychiatrist too, like I’d dreamed to do

I’d be your biggest protector/protester

I’d protest your attitude

I’d protest your benefactors

I’d protest your platitudes

Drunken and high, the facts wouldn’t hurt

Like they would if you were sober, even flat out rude

I would protect you, I’d protect her

I’d protect the truth you elude

I’d project the slueth to detect

Why did your world erode?

Why did you elect to erect a life a wreck

What led you down that road?

I’d suffer your slurred calls if only to check

That you aren’t alone on the road you rode

If only I’d been there when you wrecked

If only I’d been the brother you would hold

The brother of the highest sect

Instead of the brother grown angry and old

If only my choices, my chances had a second

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