A Clean Drunks Nightmare

woman lying on floor with wineglass

Like any other

I’m with my brothers

Years passed left longing

We’re gasping, laughing

A powder blue sky

Birds startled, flee, fly

In the distant West

Comes a warm breeze, wet

Humid promises

Caress like prom kisses

Passionate, frenzied

Feed weeds of dark seed

The problems distant

Change in an instant

I’m handed a glass

I don’t need to ask

Antiseptic sting

Makes my senses sing


Scented sensation

Ceasing cessation


From sobriety


Known, yet encouraged

Swallow your courage

I tip up, throw back

To memories packed

To stay put away

But set free today

Singeing burn, long yearned

Emotional turn

Guilt geyser gushes

The anger rushes

In a flash, boom, crash

lightnings lancing lash

The stark storm rages

Released from cages

The beast is released

The peace was on lease

Unleashed, I pray, plea

God, don’t let this be

Let this stark scarred scare

Be just a nightmare

Let me wake from this

Give me peace, sober bliss

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