Add Title: A Poem

The blank page stares
“Add title”
Who cares
About the title
Somedays I do
Somedays I don’t
Sometimes the blues
Tell me I won’t
I want to write something profound
I want to write something memorable
But I’ve found producing profound sounds
Is not commemorable
Unless you’re flush with followers
Working overtime
To buy promotions with your last dollars
I’m over mine
Oceans of promotions in motion
But still no new followers
Despite my devotion I have a notion
I’m not worthy of being followed
Maybe this one will be a hit
Maybe it won’t
Regardless, at this computer I’ll sit
Give up? I won’t.
“Add Title” still stares
I type, retype, and retype what I typed
If one person cares and dares to share
Maybe this is worth the hype

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