How The Fruit Trees Blossom

close up photography of apple tree

In the country, there are fruit trees
They’ve been there for years
Bearing fruit for those who tend them
The pears are juicy
The peaches to die for
The cherries so good
That the birds eat them before anyone else can

In the country, there are fruit trees
I haven’t seen them in years
I wonder if they still bear fruit
I wonder about those that tend them
Do the pears and peaches still blossom?
Do the birds still eat the cherries
That are so good, before anyone else can?

In the country, there were fruit trees
They stood tall for years
Producing fruit, that I doubt bears still
Schrodinger’s peaches and pears
I’ve forgot how they blossom
I’ve forgot how tart the cherries are
Soon I’ll forget it all, like the birds long gone.

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