Amazing Gracie

white clouds

When Spring winds whip the willows branches

When my shadow races me to the swing set

But I have no one to push me

You are always, already there

When my emotions are too big

When my hope is too small

When I need a place to stay

You will be there through it all

I’ll grow, graduate, and gradually get past the pain

I’ll recall our discussions of dreams and dillusions

I’ll dance in the starlight, like we used to do

And I’ll wonder where among the stars you are tonight

I’ll dance with the willow where we scatter your ashes

When I pray to God, I’ll say a prayer for you

That you found a home there where you couldn’t here

That your home has inspirational plaques on every surface

Your candles are scattered everywhere

Horses are still your favorite decor

I pray your clothes are still on the floor

That the dishes are piled up

I pray you wait for your mom and dad to help you clean

Because your beautiful ADHD mind doesn’t see a mess

I know where I am, you will be also

Holding my hand, guiding me on

Because you pinky promised you’d never leave

When you sang that grown ups come back

I believed you then, as I do now.

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