That Home

small rural house among vegetation in sunny day

In the village square

Sits a cozy home

It’s in disrepair

And it sits alone

The fence half painted

The shingles ruffled

Windows dirt tinted

The carport stuffed full

Most who see it scoff

“If the owners leave

We’ll be better off”

But they would bereave

If only they tried

To get to know them

They’ve nothing to hide

Though their yard needs trimmed

If you did enter

They live happily

The whole theme centered

Around family

The husband works late

The wife works endless

If they have a date

The children enlist

But before they go

They need to be bathed

Even just cleaned though

They have a dirt rave

Clean’s second to fun

Life is way too short

To not run in sun

They build pillow forts

Construct block towers

Rescue princesses

Play outside for hours

And take recesses

Fridays are “Fun Days”

Summer’s for drive-in’s

Warm days run relays

Public pools, dive in

In the village square

Sits a cozy home

The home’s full of care

You’re never alone

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