Diamonds and Pearls For Girls: A Poem of The Tragedy of Womanhood

a young girl in white dress with pearl headband

When she was a girl
She dreamed of rare pearls
She dreamed of diamonds
Her time had no end
She was a princess
Dressed in gowns, dresses
Clouds were soft pillows
Filling sails billowed
Storms never raged
Dreams never caged
Like she, her dreams wild
Innocence of child
Rainbows filled the sky
Unicorns would fly
As the years did pass
Nothing would stay, last
Daddy said “Grow up”
Mommy said “Ease up”
Daddy worked later
Mom fostered anger
Mom and Dad divorced
Ultimatum forced
When she chose her Mom
Her dad dropped a bomb
His secretary
His child she carried
She realized girls
Rarely wore pearls
Diamonds were just stones
Given when she’s grown
Finger manacle
When a man comes, calls
She traded ball gowns
For evening gowns
When her man worked late
She did separate
No diamonds or pearls
For her inner girl

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